Owner of this madness...
Owner of this madness..

It’s constant, the voices, inward and outward, yes, I hear inward voices, you don’t? I know in the world of psychology and psychoanalyzing that is a touchy subject. “You hear voices in your head?” and if you answer to the affirmative, there’s that look, they do without looking, the non-look, that antiseptic look, actually clinical expression and the “Un-huh (Hmmmm)!”

If they were honest they hear voices too. Of course the noise they hear is merely the workings of their analytical workings. But I call that voices. I hear my wife’s voice, my children’s voices, my boss’s voice, the voice of my bowels or bladder, my stomach talks to me, my bones and joints join in. It’s a constant bombardment of information gathering up around my conscious mind and I am constantly having to decide: “Do I do this or that? toilet now? no not now! wait til you find a restroom! Constantly prioritizing and cataloging, dividing my time with each demand. It’s a steady demand on my limited resources.

It’s like having an office desk. On it piles all the concerns of the job, the day, the issues revolving around all my responsibilities. Like paper it piles and piles. Having taking a management seminar may years ago, one of the main tenets taught was never leave any piece of paper undecided on your desk. Make a decision on each one and then put it in its respective spot. What was intended was that you would read every scrape of paper that crossed your desk and then it ¬†either act on it, delegate it, file it or trash it. YEP! Great idea, my desk ran out of room and I had to use the credenza. There was just a constant bombardment of information and it piled high.

We are bombarded by information from our first conscious seconds to the last flicker of our our lids. Even while asleep our brains assimilate that information and some of it bleeds over into our dreams. But we are in the age of information, way too much, I think. The age of computers should have brought about the age of living easier but it only brought more agitation and aggravation and now we are busier than every.

Our bodies are made to take food in and then to void the waste. That’s nature’s way of balance and it rids our bodies of the poisons in waste. That’s a good thing. Is it any wonder that our minds do the same, we take in so much information and we attempt to digest it. Is it any wonder with such an enormity of information that we also have an enormous amount of trash in the output. Here I sit. Typing. Hinging words together with the hope I can say something that makes sense, that has some altruist meaning for someone reading it. Constant, at a high rate, information is pushed at me, to such an extent that I want to be alone, but I’m pulled two ways. One way is to hide. The other is to type spilling my brains across the internet. And, it doesn’t matter if anyone finds it interesting. All that matters is that I give vent before I burst out in some erratic maniac ravings into the empty air, instead I want those ravings on a screen somewhere with someone reading them if it’s only me.

So we have a page called Blogmania, and that’s not even original. But here it is. With this effort, I hope to help someone, promote some good, and if there’s a possibility of making some money, then of course I will try.

On this site will be opinion, maybe some news, various posts, information about Ukraine, products I hope to promote, and maybe others will  join me in the effort.

Owner and Operator of this area of madness.